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If you are looking for a reliable People Counting System for your business, the best choice is FootFallcam., an accurate and reliable system from the global market leader.

With a 99.5% accuracy FootfallCam offers, in addition to counting, all the functions necessary to get your business off the ground.



A performing network infrstructure is foundation for a modern business.

We can design and deliver the most effective infrastracture for you business.


Security Systems

Choosing and installing a Security System are absolutely key steps for a company, since it is about protecting its business.


Audio/Video Distribution

Ever found yourself humming along to music in a store?
Enjoyed the tunes in a bar so much you’ve stayed for another drink or found yourself smiling as you enter a clothes shop and your favourite song comes on?
Audio/Video contents help your business enviroment and we can deliver the perfect solution for you.



Having a CCTV system means having under control your own business or home always.

Our Company is specialized in analog and digital systems of major brands.

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