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People Counting System

FootfallCam people counting system helps retailers to have a better understanding of their store traffic, improve sales conversions and measure the effectiveness of marketing events.


Understanding Traffic Rate

FootfallCam maybe helps businesses to track the footfall traffics across multiple stores, evaluate the performance of your store compared to similar retail stores by benchmarking your sales opportunities with the industry average, utilise the business metrics to identify top and least performing stores and use this as a base point to improve your business as well as optimise the staff allocation.

Comparing Sales data with footfall data

Present the sales conversion rate with confidence to store managers, ensuring that the in/out counting of the visitor traffic does not include staff, children, trolleys or hovering passers-by. With the latest AI recognition built-in, any staff wearing a FootfallCam Staff Exclusion Tag will be excluded from the counting automatically.


Suitable for all Store Environments

Combining the powerful processing unit and the advanced video counting algorithms, FootfallCam people counter is optimised to count accurately under all lighting conditions and challenging scenarios, including strong shadow, low light condition and entrance with swinging doors.. Equipped with dual fish eye lens, the people counter has the widest coverage in the industry, in which it significantly reduce the number of people counters required for stores with wide entrances with different ceiling heights.


Enterprise Class Software Platform

FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9 provides the full analysis of traffic data for individual stores and across multiple store locations. With the readily available report templates, it helps businesses to gain visibility on the overall footfall trend of each store and their operation efficiency, together with the flexibility of exporting the data and reports to third party Business Intelligence (BI) system.

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